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Pamela Stoodley


My Story

Hello, and Welcome!

If you have landed here, chances are you want to know a little more about me and how it all started.

I’ve spent a fair share of four decades on this planet with large chunks in three different countries. I have had a successful career as a general physician and have gained a ton of experience and exposure. Life has offered me all sorts of opportunities, and I dived right in! I have often heard phrases like “this is how I am”, “I’m hardwired to do this” and “I struggle with happiness”. Those statements have in many ways motivated my journey when it came to pursuing my own goals. I have overcome adversity albeit, not overnight! 

To learn more about my professional career …

There are no quick fixes in life!

My experiences taught me a great deal in terms of nature and nurture. My childhood curiosity and open mindedness stayed with me all through my teenage and adult years, and this taught me a great deal about development.

After years of practising as a general physician, I came to the realisation that there was a fundamental gap in understanding the human mind. So, I set off on the quest to comprehend the inner workings of our minds and the ways with which it can achieve happiness. From counselling individuals with addictions, delving into the world of child and adolescent clinical psychology to the neural mechanics of the brain through neuroscience. And somewhere in between, adding the effects of nutrition to our physical and mental health in the mix.

I have had plenty of time testing my strategies with my clients, family and friends, as well in my own life. Over the last eighteen years, with a multitude of different career opportunities, I have had the good fortune of connecting with people from all walks of life with varied backgrounds, each having their own unique stories and challenges with personalities and happiness. So …

I know what works and what doesn't.

I don’t employ gimmicks or a long drawn out therapeutic approach. I use you, your dreams and your strengths as the blueprint to work with.

As an aside, I nurture my creative side by immersing myself into my skincare line, Naturally You, and its core mission: Bringing out the best version of YOU, naturally.

I tell you this because with all that I’ve done and continue to do, I am uniquely positioned to walk alongside my clients to bring out their ideal selves. I believe we all possess gifts and talents that make us uniquely powerful, and it is my goal as a coach and wellness advocate to help each individual I work with reach their full potential.

My Biggest Motivator is Your Success

So, if you are ready to take the next step – break out of your mould that has been an impediment in unlocking your happiness and progression, then we need to talk!

Professional Biography

I was and raised in the Middle East, Kuwait, a country I called home for a good 15 years. As a teenager, I then relocated to a country my folks called home, India, where I was trained at Fr Muller, to be a medical doctor and graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).  Over the years, the different places, people, and life circumstances themselves, gave me a glimpse of the real world. 

I was fearless, curious, uninhibited and open-minded.

I was all set to explore, grow and develop my life.

I moved to New Zealand at 29, to study the psychology of Addictions at Weltec (GradDipAOD). It was a whole new world of understanding the human mind, in a whole new way! It was an exhilarating experience.


During that time, I stumbled across a study exploring the link between nutrition and mental health. I took a semi U turn, and dived into the discipline of nutrition – first learning about its effects and later mastering it with an advancement in diabetic nutrition.

I met my now husband Luke, five days after I landed in New Zealand! We were married in 2017 and in 2018, we decided to extend our family of two. During my second trimester, me being ME … I decided that if I wanted to understand the psychology of the human mind more than I already do, I needed to start at the very basics. 

So I plunged into the world of psychology again but this time, started at its roots. I graduated with a diploma in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology (GradDipChildPsych) to help better understand the minds of the little ones, for when they come into this world.

And in 2019, we welcomed our son Joshua.

After a year of dedicating my time to our newborn, I got back to my day job, my skincare line and was back with my books. I was multitasking with writing my book, recording episodes for my podcast and learning about motherhood through firsthand experience. 

I continued on my journey of deciphering the inner working of the human mind with dipping my toes in the field of neuroscience. I came out the other end as a certified Behaviour and Cognitive neuropsychologist that helped me add more to that book I was almost done with.

I am a certified Results Coach© from the Authentic Academy, certified Breakthrough Life Coach© from NZ Life Coaching, certified Mental health and Nutrition Psychologist and a member of ANZCAL as a certified Professional Coach. 

I currently live my dream life in Wellington with my husband and son!