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The six pillars of mental health

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How to cope during a pandemic

Around the world, during these unprecedented times, we all have been in one situation or another. Be it being bored to our bones when stuck at home or at our wits’ end with the new kind of stress, people have been feeling either/or and everything in between. Here we give you a few helpful tips on how to cope during this pandemic and in general – to maintain a happier self…naturally! 
WHAT: It’s essentially relaxing your body and mind and switching off your flight or fight response.
HOW: Reading, being aware of your breathing, slow walks, meditation and listening to music 
WHAT: It’s all about keeping your brain active and engaged by learning and staying creative. This helps strengthen your neural network and makes you feel optimistic and positively better about yourself.
HOW: Learning to play an instrument, a new language, solving puzzles
WHAT: Connection with others to let the feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin boost your mood – making you happier. 
HOW: Socialising, calling and checking in on that friend, bonding with loved ones, playing with a pet, or even volunteering 
WHAT: This is nothing but keeping active by doing things that move your body in a feel-good way.
HOW: Anything from playing a sport, swimming, riding, running, dancing, and exercising  
WHAT: Every little success and every little step. Celebrate YOU! When you take the time to think about yourself, it leads to greater happiness, thus arming you with the ability to face stressful situations. 
HOW: Recognise what you’ve done today and show yourself some gratitude 
WHAT: It is all about having fun, taking pleasure in looking forward to things to do, including self-care Those feel good hormones keep you upbeat for the rest of the day and make you resilient when facing any kind of stress.

HOW: A nice long bath, massage, cooking a meal or even watching your favourite movie


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