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Skin care – What goes on first?!

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So many products … so much confusion! 

With plenty of different skincare products targeting various problem areas, often the confusion is around what goes on first. Do we layer it in order of preference, colour, convenience or something else. We have all kinds of options such as serums, cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens, toners and special targeted treatments. Let us help break it down for you. 
Step 1. Cleanser
Start your routine with this essential. Whether it is to create a fresh clean slate to seize the day or retire for the night, ready for repair. 
Step 2. Toner
This is a much needed, yet seldom used component of skincare. It not only balances the skin’s pH, but also cleanses the pores thereby reducing their size.
Step 3. Face Serum
Next up is this little elixir. Loaded with high concentrations of potent active factors, it is best used soon after the two cleansing steps. This enables the ingredients to get quickly absorbed into the skin with maximum efficacy to work their magic
Step 4. Eye Cream
Now is the time to use this saving grace for all your under eye problem areas like dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.
Step 5. Spot Treatment
For those rare occasions when we have the misfortune of dealing with the sudden uncalled appearance of a single zit, using a spot treatment at this stage is highly recommended. 
Step 6. Moisturiser
Ever wondered when was the right time to use your moisturiser? That would be now, to hydrate the skin, help protect its healthy cells and prevent irritation and other skin troubles.
Step 7. Face Oil
As opposed to what most people commonly do, this magic potion gets added onto your face – after moisturising. This is because face oil can penetrate the layer of your moisturiser, but not the other way around. This step also helps seal in the nourishment being provided to your skin, so you can even add a few drops of your face oil to your moisturiser and voila! 
Step 8. Sunscreen
And finally! The last product to go on your skin for your day routine (and under your makeup if any) is a good quality, high SPF sunscreen. This helps protect your skin from sun damage, like ageing, burns, and of course lowers the susceptibility to cancers.
So there you have it! Now that you know the right order of layering on your products, tell us what are some of your favourites.

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