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Simple steps to prevent acne

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By now you must already know that staying hydrated, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – all contribute to beautiful flawless skin. Sometimes though, things can still be out of our control like certain skin conditions, hormonal changes and other such factors that could cause our skin to be irritated. However, if we could do just a little bit to help with preventing those breakouts that otherwise randomly rear their ugly heads – then why not?
Read on for some of those crucial steps you can implement to give your skin that added TLC.
1. Snooze … makeup free
As much as it’s all too tempting to give into exhaustion and go to bed with that fully made-up face, DON’T! The effects of leaving makeup on when asleep are twofold. One, the skin fails to regenerate under the layers of products resting on your skin due to its inability to breathe. And two, this leaves a layer of dead skin thereby contributing to that breeding ground for bacteria.
Oil cleansers and balms help with melting away your makeup more effectively than soap or general cleansers. Use an oil-based cleanser to take off all your makeup and follow this up with your cleanser for a double cleanse. Your face and skin in general will thank you, first thing in the morning.
TIP: If you are headed to bed at your normal bed time and are too exhausted to wash your face – you can either do this as soon as you walk through the door or ten minutes prior to your regular bed time. On those extremely rare lazy days, use makeup remover wipes!
2. Take a look at them tools
If you use your fingers to do your face, always ensure they are clean. But if like the majority of people, you use a multitude of tools, like brushes, sponges etc. make sure you clean them at least once every week. Yes, every week! Like food that’s left uncovered becomes a cesspool for bacteria – so do your makeup tools – especially with your face oil, dead skin and of course makeup, all left on its surface. Repeatedly using the same brushes without cleaning them, actually transfers the bacteria onto your skin further causing the skin to be irritated and break out.
Use a gentle unscented cleanser or even a mild baby shampoo to clean all your tools until there is no trace of makeup left. Then lay them all flat on a clean cloth or towel, to air dry overnight.
TIP: Like anything that is used regularly, you should look to replace your makeup brushes every 1-2 years, depending on how well you clean them and their overall condition in general.
3. Love your skin … but don’t touch it often
Constantly touching your face consciously or unconsciously is akin to putting your fingers in your mouth. You don’t know where your hands have been and therefore they must steer clear of your face – completely. Your hands especially your fingers, behave as receptacle for germs that are being carried to and ever so slightly placed on your face with every touch.
TIP: Have an itch or a spot on your face that needs attention, use the back of your palm or your knuckle to tend to it.
4. Get some royal sleep
Even though you wash your face clean and may or may not follow it up with a night time regimen, your sheets – especially your pillowcase, absorbs it all. The oils from your face and hair every night add to this and this too can cause breakouts when you least expect it.
Look to change your sheet and pillow cases, every week. Particularly ensure to not share your pillowcase with other family members for obvious reasons.
TIP: Cotton absorbs oil. Try switching your regular pillowcases for silk or satin ones instead. Additionally, silk or satin cases have been known to be more beneficial as they cause less friction and are generally less drying therefore less irritation or damage to your hair and skin.
Added bonus – silk pillowcases are known to prevent fine lines and keep your hair and skin hydrated.
So here’s to breakout free days, for times when we can help our skin with – no matter the time of the year!

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