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Pamela Stoodley

Introducing our brand new Face Oil – Elixir B!

Our mysterious face oil with Dragon Blood has been catching the attention of many around and so without further ado – here’s introducing Elixir B!
So, what does the B in Elixir B stand for?
Elixir B stands for the elixir that is Bakuchiol.
Made in New Zealand from locally sourced ingredients, Elixir B has blends of fresh, calming, blossomy yet spicy ingredients that entice your senses, creating a luxurious sense of tranquility and hydration – leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated, with an envious glow.
What is Bakuchiol?
Bakuchiol derived from the babchi (Psoralea corylifolia) plant is the latest buzz in natural skincare and is all the rage. With all the benefits that vitamin A has to offer, without the sensitivity, irritation and breakouts it comes with – it has been dubbed as the natural alternative to Retinol. Bakuchiol is also considered safe during pregnancy thus making it a much sought-after skincare must have!
What does it do?
Anti-ageing elixir
Evens out skin tone
Improves skin elasticity
How do you use it?
Shake well before use. Gently massage a few drops onto your face and neck after cleansing, a.m. and p.m. Follow it with sunscreen. Tip: Pair it with our face serum – Sona, followed by Elixir B.
OUR STAR INGREDIENTS (Apart from Bakuchiol) 
Dragon Blood Oil
Dragon’s blood has anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, that aid in soothing irritable skin. It thus forms a great barrier when applied topically, shielding it from environmental damage.
Olive Squalane
Olive Squalane has soothing and moisturising properties that slows down water loss and boosts skin’s moisture. This also helps with enhancing the skin’s elasticity.
Vitamin E
A family of fat-soluble antioxidants. Vitamin E is an essential component of healthy skin and contributes to cell restoration from sun damage.
Inherent to the Island of Madagascar, this broad-spectrum oil is as effective as eucalyptus and tea tree oil in treating skin ailments and is renowned for being beneficial for oily skin and hair – leaving your regenerated skin feeling calm, relaxed and uplifted.
To get your hands on this luxurious elixir – GO HERE!